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Roots & Folks

Years ago I was in Dublin, Ireland. One Sunday, having no particular plans for the day, I went to Connolly Station on Amiens Street and bought a ticket to go...

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Producing for local plates—and beyond

Andy Vermeulen grows an alphabet of fresh produce—from asparagus to zucchini—for local markets

Dietary Dilemma

It seemed so simple in biology class. Herbivores are plant-eating animals, carnivores consume flesh, and omnivores, showing little discrimination, devour...

“Somebody loved it”

90 years after its founding, White Point Beach Resort looks to the future  

A house within a house

A look through the history of Lunenburg’s oldest home  

A raindrop in a puddle

Getting to know Josh Cochrane  

Can We Save Our Salmon?

Spring’s sunshine warms my face as my kayak drifts down New Brunswick’s Miramichi River. I pass riffles and salmon pools, downed trees, submerged rocks, and...