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Roots & Folks

You could call Reta MacDonald of Ebenezer, PEI a “joiner.” At 82, she is outgoing and remains committed to the many community organizations she belongs to. A...

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The mind of a codfish

The unique homing instincts in the Newfoundland psyche
Bob Osborne “wanted to create an ambience unlike anywhere else,” with Corn Hill Nursery

A perennial success

During the last 35 years, Corn Hill Nursery has blossomed into a vibrant enterprise outside Petitcodiac, NB. Meanwhile many other independent nurseries in...

Battling ‘the Spanish lady’

The Spanish flu and its Atlantic Canada connections

Sailmaker to the world

A well-known story told from a different vantage point

Getting to know Mark Arendz

“I wanted to give back” 

The Importance Of Place

Among the most frequently asked questions by genealogists are the three Ws: “Who? When? Where?” On the face of it these seem to require less explaining than...