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Roots & Folks

Remembrances of Christmas past, and hope for Christmas future

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Sliding into a new path

Canoe maker turns to creating “winter canoes” to keep busy

Quilting the Past

In the summer of 2000, Nova Scotia artist Laurie Swim returned to her hometown of Lockeport, a fishing town located along the province’s south shore. Swim, a...

The Power of song

Reflections on 25 years of Stanfest adventures

The Unseen Louisbourg

How do you feed 4,000 men who have just been put ashore in a wilderness area, in a strange country? Where will you get the many pounds of beef that will be...

Tales from the ice pack

A veteran journalist looks back at the tumult of sealing in the 1970s

Mettle, metal and a medal

A veteran is honoured for fighting in France