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Roots & Folks

From a Cape Breton home, Celtic magic is made with fabric

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The Snapping Turtle

Pausing to rest by a small waterfall during a canoe portage from Cloud Lake to Frog Lake in western Nova Scotia, I dropped a small lure into the pool below,...

Stitching in the Highlands

Remoteness, a beautiful environment and a genteel lifestyle stimulate creative inspiration

Come by Choice (Come-from-Away – Second in a Series)

We constantly hear about out migration from the East Coast—but others choose to reverse the trend and come to live here. Why? We continue this series with a...

Sailmaker to the world

A well-known story told from a different vantage point

Getting to know Mark Arendz

“I wanted to give back” 

The Importance Of Place

Among the most frequently asked questions by genealogists are the three Ws: “Who? When? Where?” On the face of it these seem to require less explaining than...