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Roots & Folks

“AFTER WE MOVED to the Island,” recounts Amy Smith, “an elderly neighbour—he was so sweet—listened to our plans and shook his head sadly.”

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The amphibious mink

Related to weasels, these fascinating creatures also can indicate pollution levels  
Wadih Fares in front of the Trillium building in downtown Halifax, NS.

The ‘come-from-aways’

THERE’S AN ONGOING perception, in some quarters, that immigrants “steal” jobs from local folks.

For the love of libraries

“I get annoyed when I hear people say nobody uses libraries anymore”  
Dr. Siyaram Pandey, a biochemist from the University of Windsor, has developed a concentrated dandelion root extract that has been approved for trial by Health Canada.

Hello Sunshine

Pity the poor dandelions. Long considered a weed, dandelions are despised by many and often destroyed as soon as they dare mar the green perfection of our...

The thank-you note

A letter sent long ago by a young serviceman connects generations  
Will Knight

Over the Top, B’ys

Joe Judge, Will Knight and Norm Coultas huddled against the muddy wall of a trench near the French community of Beaumont-Hamel, dreading orders they knew...