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Roots & Folks

Connecting customers with the people who grow their food

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Our mobile ancestors

We mortals attach some sort of cachet to families that are, or claim to be, people who have lived in a certain community for time out of mind. You hear...

Portrait of the (botanical) artist

In Nova Scotia, she found a place where her work could truly flower

Our smaller cities have become cool

Goin’ down the road is in reverse

Folklore is infinitely fascinating

Examine a few pages of history almost anywhere and unique characters emerge

Is Lunenburg ready for its close-up?

A top tourist town learns the hard way what it means to live in the age of social media

The Snapping Turtle

Pausing to rest by a small waterfall during a canoe portage from Cloud Lake to Frog Lake in western Nova Scotia, I dropped a small lure into the pool below,...