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No-Crust Almond and Pear Tart


1 1/4     cups (300 mL) whole, blanched almonds
1/2    cup (125 mL) granulated sugar
1/3    cup (75 mL) all-purpose flour
1/8     teaspoon (.5 mL) salt
2     eggs
1/4    cup (50 mL) milk
4     tablespoons (60 mL) melted butter
2     large ripe Bartlett pears, of same size

1     tablespoon (15 mL) granulated sugar
1    tablespoon (15 mL) cold butter, cut in small bits


Grind almonds to a fine meal, and combine with sugar in mixing bowl. Add flour and salt; stir well.

In a separate bowl, beat eggs with an electric mixer until frothy. Add milk and melted butter; blend well.

Add egg mixture to almond mixture and stir until well blended. Pour batter into a greased 10-inch (25 cm) quiche dish or pie plate that is at least 1-inch (2.5 cm) deep; spread evenly.

Peel, quarter and core pears. Cut each quarter crosswise into 1/4-inch (5 mm) slices, keeping slices together so they can be lifted all at once on a thin metal spatula and transferred to the batter; fan them slightly. Repeat with remaining pear quarters around the pie plate, spacing evenly like the spokes of a wheel. (There should be eight such spokes when finished.)

Press pear slices down into batter, allowing only the tops to show. Sprinkle top with sugar and dot with butter. Bake in upper third of a 350°F (180°C) oven for 40 to 45 minutes, or until batter is puffed and golden brown. Serve warm or at room temperature. Makes 8 servings.

No-Crust Almond and Pear Tart

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