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Kitchen Party

Does the holiday season leave you dreaming of sugarplums? Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, you’ll most likely indulge a little over the holiday season. And...

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Sticky Smoky BBQ Chicken Wings.

Christmas & New Year Potluck

Has this ever happened to you? It’s New Year’s Eve. The house is decorated to the nines, music is playing in the background, the drinks are flowing and the...
Frank guides visitors around the farm.

Replicating Mother Nature

Cheerful sunflowers welcome me as I approach the farmhouse. I spot Frank Cochrane next to a chalkboard sign that reads, “Welcome to Cochrane Family Farm.”
Measuring Cups

10 Gadgets for the holidays

Our annual list of terrific gadgets for the foodies in your life has been running for several years and we’ve covered everything from the perfect grapefruit spoon to...
Sticky Lazy/Easy Christmas Trifle

From our home to yours

The holidays may be about different things to different people but I think we can all agree that friends, family, and food are a major component of any...
The wood-fired pizza oven is the heart of the business.

Local Hot Spot: Le Patrimoine

Winters in Edmundston and surrounding area are well-known to be long and challenging, especially for businesses. Le Patrimoine was originally established in...

Making a magical wedding day

Weddings seem to be particularly magical here on Canada’s East Coast. They also tend to be complex events with seemingly endless details to be sorted out...