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Kitchen Party

Sébastien Roy first became interested in alcohol production when he was just 14 years old. He’d found a book that said mixing water, sugar and yeast could...

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Look for local…strawberries!

Summertime berries are...delicious  

Mmmm… Burgers

I am in love with burgers. I don’t discriminate. I love them all. Beef burgers, turkey burgers, pork burgers—don’t even get me started on lamb burgers; I’ve...

A Taste of History

The details of the Charlottetown Conference—which set the wheels in motion for confederation, three years later—read like an historical novel.

Putting the culture back in agriculture

Reg Phelan of Seaspray Organics connects farming to history and the future  

It only comes out at night

Nighttime snacking and what to do about it  

Chef Profile: Andrew Farrell

Small town boy makes it big in the culinary world. If you find yourself in the downtown core of Halifax on a Saturday morning, chances are you’ll run into...