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Home & Cottage

In the song “Morning Morgantown,” Joni Mitchell leads off with the image of merchants rolling their awnings down. In this idealized vision of small-town...

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From budget, DIY-style, to custom-built high-end, an outdoor kitchen makes for an enjoyable al fresco cooking space.

Chilling in the Great Outdoors

A FEW YEARS ago I spent some time in Warsaw with my husband, Steve. It was seasonably chilly, yet the most striking thing we noticed was how weather had not...

Restoring Hazelbrook Homestead

A place for others to enjoy
On a recent rainy weekend, cottagers Marilyn Smulders, Peter McLaughlin, Glen and Chrissy Horton swapped Trading Post stories.

Trash to Treasure

IT DOESN’T REALLY have a name. They’re just garbage bins after all. But among the cottagers of Molega Lake, in Queens County, NS, that dusty area to the side...

The great vintage outdoors

What goes around, comes around
A white tree peony with dinner-plate sized flowers

A Passion for Peonies

CAN YOU REMEMBER the first time you saw a peony? If you’re like me, they seem to have always been in someone’s garden—maybe your own, maybe a family member’s...

Gardens to Go for Home and Cottage

At my new address, my gardens are a work in progress. For immediate gratification, I also create container gardens.

Taking the Inside Outside

Wouldn’t it be great to be friendlier with your neighbours? I don’t just mean the people on either side of your home. Community spirit is important. It is...

A peck of peppers

Whether you prefer them sweet, hot, pickled or fresh, peppers are a rewarding star of the vegetable garden  

A Place in the Sun

Mary and Dave Barrett thought they had waited too long to add a sunroom to their Beaverbank, NS home. “We’re seniors,” says Mary, “so we questioned whether it...

Countertop Conundrum

Whether building a new home or updating a kitchen, people are often perplexed by countertop choices—and no wonder. In recent years we have seen a vast...