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What to give the planting-obsessed for Christmas, birthdays, or just because

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Open the door of the woodstove and take a look at the gaskets that seal the door to check for fraying. Also check the glass window for cracking.

Sleep Soundly This Winter

“OLD WOOD best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.” ~ Francis Bacon It’s hard to argue with someone as sage as Francis...

“To ‘baby’ trees”

The ancient art and science of bonsai teaches more than just patience

A cottage buyer’s market

Autumn and winter can be ideal times to buy or sell

Cooking up a great reno

Creating a fresh and efficient kitchen with a Mediterranean flavour

Pizza in the great outdoors

Freshly made, wood-fired pizza isn’t just for restaurants anymore

Beyond blue spruce and red maple

There are plenty of terrific trees—in all sizes—for your yardscapes

Your own spa retreat

Trends in creating a beautiful bathroom
Built-in fire pits for the patio area are another popular alternative for zone heating.

Zone Heating

In the days before central heating, people stayed warm in winter by sticking close to a stove or a fireplace and closing off the rest of the house. Many an...

The late season gardener

Planning a garden for four seasons of beauty—and entertainment, too

Electric Fireplaces

Ah, there’s nothing like sitting in front of a cosy fireplace for relaxation and comfort. Add a couple glasses of wine, some soft music and voila—instant...