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June / July 2018

Saltscapes Magazine

On our cover

Get out and enjoy the great outdoors, from decorating your yard to growing great grub. Photo by Jackson Productions Inc.


32. Houses that Haunt

Photographer Fred Horton is drawn to capture abandoned buildings in pictures. by Sara Jewell

38. Air Streams

A bird’s-eye view of local waterways. by Scott Leslie


44. Ashphalt ribbons of death

The annual global road kill of wildlife is mind boggling. What’s being done? by Jim Gourlay and Annie Jolicoeur

48. The Thank-you Note

A letter sent long ago by a young serviceman connects generations. by Cora Nelson with Nick Looker


4. Publishers' Pencil

6. Dear Saltscapes

8. Contributors

10. Events

14. Nature

The amphibious mink

19. History

A house within a house

23. Home Grown Business

White Point turns 90

27. Meet Your Local farmer

Andy Vermeulen, Vermeulen Farms

55. First Person

Don Scott, library lover

72. Q & A

“A raindrop in a puddle”

Good Taste

GT 5. Thrill of the Grill

Fruits and veggies on the BBQ

GT 11. Celebrating Seafood

Comeau Seafoods

GT 18. Local Hot Spot

Old Store Café, Norris Point

GT 18. Out and About

The Clam Digger, Chamcook

GT 20. Book Review

GT 21. Summer Cocktails

Nighttime eating

GT 24. Seaspray Organics

Old Store Café, Norris Point

GT 28. It only comes out at night

Nighttime eating

GT 30. Sobeys Chef


60. Gardeing

Sweet or hot, peppers are fun to grow (and eat)

64. Decor

The great vintage outdoors

68. Restoring Hazelbrook Homestead

A place for others to enjoy