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Roots & Folks

Rockport, New Brunswick, lies on a peninsula jutting out into the Bay of Fundy south of Sackville. A century ago it was known for producing large grindstones, mostly...

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Beavers like to live in colonies. Pairs mate for life, with last year’s young and kits of the year forming a family unit.

Nature’s Engineers

They’re our national symbol and all that, but we have a very mixed history when it comes to our inveterate dam builders.

True Blue

Standing on a hill in one of his blueberry fields in Sable River, Peter Van Dyk turns this way and that to avoid the wind and speak on his cell phone. The...

Reciprocal Respect

We live in what may become known to history as “The Age of Refugees.” Millions have been rendered homeless by war, natural disasters and oppression. By...

Summer, Bottled

IT ALWAYS feels like summer at Tangled Garden. Walk into the shop in Grand-Pré, NS, and your senses will go on delighted overload.

Tea, Toast & Talk

Many people have recipes for happiness. Some go south in cold weather; others stay home and ski. In spring gardeners attend to sprouting greenery; fishermen...

Getting to know Marie Corbett

Retired Ontario Superior Court judge Marie Corbett divides her time between her native Newfoundland and Florida. A year ago, she published a memoir, January: A...