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Written by Donna D’Amour on Friday, 17 February 2012.

Experience is the best teacher when it comes to photography. Whether you have been taking pictures for years or you just bought a new camera and don't have a clue how to use it, joining a photography club is a wise move. I joined the Sackville, NS, photography club to help me feel more at ease taking photos, to learn more about my new Canon G12 camera and to share my passion with like-minded people.

The club has about 160 members who have a wide variety of experience—from beginners to professionals. We meet twice a month at the Acadia Hall in Lower Sackville, NS. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming in addition to being educational. We have guest presenters who focus on their specialties—anything from pet photography to landscapes, portraits and macro photography. The technical team members talk about new equipment and techniques and we sometimes watch brief online tutorials together, following up with members' comments and experiences.

Each month has a theme and members are invited to submit brief showcases. Field trips offer adventures with experienced photographers to Parrsboro, PEI, Peggy's Cove, the Seaport Market and beyond. Some trips are scheduled and others are impromptu—they just happen when a member gets the urge to shoot a favourite or new location, and wants some company.

Professional members and guest speakers often offer courses in a wide range of subjects (usually for a fee) to provide more in-depth information and hands-on experience.

Photo clubs can be found in communities all over Atlantic Canada; here is a quick list of just a few:


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