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Valley Bites

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Snacks from the Valley: Valley Bites

You know what it’s like to be part of a busy family, especially if you have young children. We’re always looking for healthy, delicious treats to snack on or give our children, and those aren’t always easy to find.

Enter Mary Jones of Valley Bites. She and her husband started their business when their son was a toddler, in response to the lack of affordable, healthy, and convenient snacks. She says, “There was nothing out there we could throw into the diaper bag that wasn’t full of preservatives, etc. We wanted to produce a product with no preservatives that he would love and that we could feel good about giving him.” Mary also wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous produce available locally throughout the Annapolis Valley. Valley Bites produces freeze dried snacks including apples, blueberries, pineapple, salsa, mushrooms and…ice cream?! Yes, really.

As a born and bred Maritimer, Mary says, “We wouldn’t want to work or live anywhere else. The area just has that sense of community that is getting harder to find!” She’s excited to come to Expo for the first time, eager to introduce her products to customers outside the Valley and beyond. She plans to have all her products with her for people to sample and purchase.

The most popular product that Valley Bites offers (at present) is the freeze-dried apple snacks. Made with Annapolis Valley-grown Cortland Apples, they taste great and kids of all ages (adults, too) just love them. Check them out at Saltscapes Expo and taste for yourself!

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