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Plum and Posey

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Plum and Posey: Jewellery with a historical touch

Adrinna Hardy was "born hungry for adventure." She spent a decade in Europe, experiencing all that life could offer, and while she was there, developed a fascination with history and art—in particular, with wax seals. She was drawn to the symbolism, meaning, whimsy and art of these unique items, and began collecting them. Today, she holds a collection numbering in the thousands of wax seals, including many antique and very rare ones, many of them from the Georgian and Victorian eras (circa 1714-1901).

Adrinna has made jewellery off and on since she was a teenager, and dabbled in other handcrafts as well. She says, "I kept coming back to jewellery making, and finally I started selling some of the pieces I was making online—and it took off from there." Plum and Posey was born. She's just celebrated her tenth anniversary selling online through Etsy, and her jewellery is sold in shops and galleries across Canada and the United States, too.

Adrinna's family is from Cape Breton, although she grew up in Alberta, "Part of the ‘gone west' migration," she says. "One of my favourite things is the access I have to the coast—I can drop everything and go to the beach most of the year, and some of my best thinking happens while walking along the shore. You just don't get that in Alberta!"

Doing shows like Saltscapes Expo, which she is attending for the first time, is a great way to meet her customers. "I love to hear their stories about why they bought a particular pendant, or who they're purchasing it for. There are always interesting, sometimes amazing, sometimes crazy, stories behind each purchase."

A recent highlight to Adrinna's business was being chosen to make the jewellery given by the NS Film & Creative industries to the principal actors, producers, directors and author Lawrence Hill when ‘Book of Negroes' was filming here in Nova Scotia. She says, "I had 2 wax seals that fit perfectly with the theme and time frame of when the film was set, and made cufflinks and necklaces for them."

With so many beautiful products to choose from, it's hard to pick a favourite, but the most popular for customers is the Strength pendent, which reads, "Bend don't break." Adrinna's favourites change with her mood, but one of her favourites is the Owl and Teapot necklace that reads, "sometimes council take, and sometimes tea." She says, "Just being there is an important as giving advice." Check out Adrinna's jewellery for yourself!

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