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Something new, something blue…Haskapa!

What’s a haskap berry? If you don’t know, you’re not alone, but you’ll be hearing more about these delicious, nutritious berries. The team from Haskapa in Mahone Bay are dedicated to bringing the good news about haskap berries to the world, with premium products from jam and juice to skin care products, gin, wine and vodka!

LaHave Forests (the parent company) was initially focused on sustainable forestry, but soon it became apparently that a little-known berry was emerging as a useful and valuable agricultural crop. Haskap is originally from Siberia and Japan, and the name means, “the little present at the end of the branch”. Incredibly hardy, it is well suited to growing in our region, tastes delicious and has great nutritional benefits. Today, the operation has over forty acres of haskap orchards, and plan to triple their production this year.

Michelle LaPorte is a familiar face to those who visit the Mahone Bay store, or who go to trade shows like Saltscapes Expo. She’s usually the one offering you a sample of chutney, or juice, or even berries, and she can explain all there is to know about this blue berry full of goodness. She’s looking forward to attending Expo again this year, saying she loves “the buzz, the energy, the people, the great organization of the event, the variety of vendors, the new and exciting foods, networking opportunities…”

You’ll be able to check out some of the Haskapa products for yourself, including Michelle’s personal favourite, the Haskap Chutney, which won the Taste of Nova Scotia Prestige Award 2015 for Consumer’s Choice product of the year. Michelle says, “it’s the most versatile and best bang for the buck. It boasts a delicious blend of savoury flavours, can be used as a BBQ sauce, a marinade for all meats but especially poultry and pork, on pizza, sandwiches, as a condiment instead of cranberries with turkey, with mild cheeses…one customer likes it with his scrambled eggs!” Come to Expo and taste for yourself.

A heartfelt thanks to the 2016 Saltscapes Halifax Expo Sponsors!

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