[New 2016] - Caledon Jewels

Caledon Jewels

Website: http://www.caledonjewels.com

A home-based business – isn’t it grand! Gay Young, owner of Caledon Jewels, has a studio in her home in Malagash, NS. She gets her inspiration from looking out her studio window at the sea and sky. What’s not to love about that?!

Gay’s fine handcrafted chainmaille jewelry is made from sterling silver wire, 14K gold-filled wire, handcrafted lampwork beads and Swarovski crystals. She makes the beads and the jewelry herself.

Gay says that having her business in the Maritimes means that she gets to meet many of her clients personally. That is her reward for a job well done! People see her jewelry on line, then get to chat with her at markets and shows. To quote her, their greetings when they meet are “small town lovely”.

Be prepared to line up to see her jewelry at the Expo, and then be swept away with temptation!

A heartfelt thanks to the 2016 Saltscapes Halifax Expo Sponsors!

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