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Artizan Group

Website: http://www.yartizan.com

A game with a daughter developed into a business – that’s what happened to Tim Hunter of the Artizan Group. The family played yahtzee at the kitchen table, then they decided to take the game outside. So Yartizan, a lawn dice game, was born. It’s a game similar to yahtzee, played with large red cedar dice in a large metal bucket.

A Facebook post led initially to lots of interest, then to development of the product, and now a shop in Hunter Lake just outside Saint John, NB. Dealers in Atlantic Canada are set up, and they do local and Atlantic wide trade shows. They took an idea and ran with it!

This is the Artizan Group’s first Expo, and the first time Nova Scotians will see the game and play with it. Tim says that they are so looking forward to being at the Expo and interacting with a wider group of Atlantic Canadians, the most friendly and helpful people anywhere.

Even if you haven’t played yahtzee before, you’ll be thrilled with Yartizan. It doesn’t require any technology other than a few hands, a sense of fun, and some of the great outdoors.

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